Mudhouse Stout is Back


It’s back! Our beloved Mudhouse Stout returns to taps at Brew. Co. This brew has been part of our lineup since 2002 thanks to our resident brewmaster, Ashton Lewis, who knew his love of coffee and beer could somehow be combined. With the help of the roasters at Mudhouse, and several pots of Sumatra, the…

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Bad, Bad Leroy Brown Ale


  Craving a beer, but need something smooth, light and with an ABV that won’t put you to sleep right away? Then it’s time to order a tall glass of our Bad, Bad Leroy Brown Ale. Dark and devilishly refreshing, Leroy Brown is our entry at the 2016 Pro-Am competition held at the annual Great American Beer Festival.  …

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Beer News: Greene Ghost


Our Greene Ghost IPA has been flying off shelves! We even ran dry in our brewery due to overwhelming demand, so it’s about time to share a little background on this popular brew. Here’s the cheat sheet: Type of Beer: West Coast-Style India Pale Ale IBUs: 65 ABV: 6.5% Barrels Brewed So Far: 195 (that…

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Faces of SBC: Clayton Gatschet


It’s time to welcome a new face to our SBC brew team: Clayton Gatschet. After spending two years in Colorado where he brewed for Kannah Creek Brewery, Clayton is back in Springfield and has joined Bruce and Stephen in the SBC brewery. What superpower would you want to have and why? I’d like to be…

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Sam Taggart & SBC Rugby


There’s more to SBC than great beer and great food. A lot more. In fact, you could argue that SBC’s history is just as deeply rooted in cycling and rugby as it is in that pint of Paul’s Pale Ale you’re drinking. We love our outdoor sports here, which is why Springfield Brewing Company started…

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The Trolley Bike has landed!


  It’s finally here! SBC’s newest tenant, The Trolley Bike has officially moved in, and we couldn’t be more excited. This pedal-powered party is an absolute blast! Once the bright orange bike was unloaded, it took no time at all for a bunch of our servers, cooks, brewers and even owners to pile on and…

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SBC’s Expanding!


Did you miss the great news? Springfield Brewing Company is EXPANDING! In fact, we’ve already started construction on the empty warehouse right behind us. Floor drains are being cut out, plans are being made and new tanks are being built. It’s all very exciting, but to be honest, as soon as we jumped in the…

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Heart of Darkness Dunkel


It’s back! Our award-winning Heart of Darkness dunkel has returned to SBC taps through March, which means it’s time to get to know this beer a little better. Luckily for you, there’s no one better suited to really geek-out about this dunkel than our talented Brewmaster, Ashton Lewis. And while you could sum up the…

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Najem Agnew – Manager


Meet one of our SBC Managers, Najem Agnew, possibly one of the more photogenic people you’ll meet, and always quick with a joke and able to carry two mini kegs at once (a true feat). Najem is also a father of three boys, a busy student, and a big fan of our duck fat gravy. Next time you…

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Tsarry Night


Tsarry Night is back! And for those of you who think your palate has never been graced by this brew’s rich malty wonder, think again. If you’ve ever enjoyed one of our anniversary beers, you were actually drinking what started out as Tsarry Night. This Russian Imperial Stout is what we use as the base for…

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